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Optional Subjects.

The UPSC provides a total of 48 optional subjects, out of which 25 are general optional subjects and 23 are literature optional subjects.
The optional subject accounts for a total of 500 marks in the UPSC Main Examination, hence, it has the largest share as compared to all other subjects.
Even though it is the highest marked subject, it’s highly dynamic in nature.
The large number of optional subjects to choose from makes it the most important choice for your exam.
Choosing the right optional subject translates into choosing success.
The various optional subjects offered by LaunchPad provide comprehensive coverage of each exam by teachers who are experts in their subjects.

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Sumit Sharma

With the vision to make quality and affordable education reach every nook and corner of India, LaunchPad Education was founded by Mr Sumit Sharma as a launchpad for successful careers. While working as a Plus Educator with Unacademy & as a Mentor at various established Institutes of Delhi, he decided to create an Ed-Tech platform where Education is treated as a powerful life-changing skill instead of a commercial product. "Education can transform the lives of many generations in families" & "Education is the greatest service one can perform for the society" are some of the beliefs which drive the Founder's vision.

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Abhinav Sharma

Mr Abhinav Sharma shares the vision of 'Education as a Service' & he led the foundation building at LaunchPad Education. He found his passion for teaching and is enriching lives of students with his love for education & passion for storytelling.

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