Which NCERTs to Read for Punjab PCS Exam?

Which NCERTs to Read for Punjab PCS Exam?

Almost every PCS Topper has emphasized that to start your PCS preparation, NCERTs are the books to go for. There are a few reasons why NCERT is preferred over other books.

  • NCERTs are written in plain and simple language – designed for school-going students.
  • NCERTs are prepared by the NCERT board, so one can rely that the data in it is authentic and one need not cross-check it.
  • NCERTs have amazing pictures which will help us understand a topic/concept better and also concepts learned through pictures have a better chance of retention.

List of most important NCERTs that you must read to make a good foundation for the PCS exam.

  1. Ancient India (Old NCERT) – By R.S. Sharma
  2. Medieval India (Old NCERT) – By Satish Chandra
  3. Modern India (Old NCERT) – By Bipin Chandra
  4. Indian Constitution at Work – Class 11th NCERT
  5. Political Theory – Class 11th NCERT
  6. Introductory Micro and Macro Economics – Class 12th NCERT
  7. Geography – Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  8. India – Physical Environment – Class 11th NCERT
  9. Fundamentals of Human Geography – Class 12th NCERT
  10. Indian Society – Class 12th NCERT

How to Read NCERTs for Punjab PCS Exam. (Free NCERT Batch for Punjab PCS)

  • Start with NCERT of that subject, in which you have an interest be it Polity, History or any other subject. This will act as a kick-start for your preparation.
  • Start reading NCERTs class-wise. As one moves from Lower class standard NCERTs to higher-class NCERTs, the concepts will become clearer and the information will last longer. Eg: If you want to cover history then start with the NCERT History book of the 6th Class and then move to the 7th Class and so on. As you will move from one class to another, there will be no knowledge Gaps.
  • The first reading of any NCERT should be slow. And should be for the understanding of concepts and topics. It is only after the second reading that one should start making Notes out of NCERT Books.
  • Notes from NCERT – Notes for NCERT are important because in the Past UPSC previous year papers. Questions have been asked directly from NCERT and whenever you are making notes, make sure that notes should be exact.

While reading NCERT always keep the Syllabus along with you, whichever topic you are going to study, look for it on the syllabus and mark it.

This way you can easily conquer NCERTs in a very short period and build a very strong foundation for your Punjab PCS preparation.

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