The Inspiring Journey of Sachin Pathak: From a Small Town to Punjab Civil Services 2021 Topper Rank-3

The Inspiring Journey of Sachin Pathak: From a Small Town to Punjab Civil Services 2021 Topper Rank-3

Sachin Pathak’s incredible achievement of securing Rank-3 in the Punjab PCS Exam is a tale of inspiration. Hailing from a small town, Sachin’s story serves as a shining example for all aspirants.

The Punjab PCS Exam, conducted by PPSC, is renowned for its prestige and difficulty. It demands consistent efforts and a minimum of six months of dedicated preparation. Sachin Pathak gained recognition when he successfully cracked the Punjab Civil Services (PCS) 2021 Exam, triumphing over fierce competition.

Sachin’s journey began in his college days when he decided to prepare for the civil services exam. During this time, he also volunteered for an NGO, which supported the education of underprivileged children. It was here that he discovered his true passion lay in helping society’s most vulnerable.

Determined to enter administration, Sachin commuted daily from his hometown of Sahnewal to Ludhiana, where he studied in a local library. After three years of unwavering dedication, he finally achieved his goal by passing the Punjab Civil Services (PCS) Exam in 2021.

Sachin shared insights into his preparation for the PCS Exam. He revealed that he had faced two failures in the UPSC exams, leading to moments of doubt about his chosen career path. However, the unwavering support of his family and friends kept him motivated.

Sachin’s success tip for Punjab PCS aspirants is simple yet crucial: Self-study with standard books. He emphasised that one’s educational background, whether from an IIT or a local college, doesn’t matter in this exam field. He stressed the need for regular answer writing practice for the PCS Exam.

Sachin Pathak’s success story is a source of motivation for all aspiring candidates, and his insights into the PCS journey can illuminate the path for those on their way to the Punjab Civil Services Exam.