Punjab PCS Officer Salary 2024

Punjab PCS Officer Salary 2024

Before you even start preparing for Punjab Civil Services, the first thing you want to know is – How much I will be able to make as a PCS Officer. Will I be able to take care of my family? All these questions come up in the minds of budding Aspirants. So don’t worry, we will answer all your queries.

The starting Salary for a PCS Officer is

Entry LevelSalaryGrade Pay
Initial stage16000-390005400

Along with the pay, there are many perks that a PCS Officer gets:

  1. Accommodation: PCS Officers get free accommodation, for themselves and their families. And generally, that accommodation is in the best parts of the city.
  2. Medical expenses covered: The Medical expenses of that officer are covered by the state. Medical leaves are also available to them.
  3. Children’s Education Allowance: Rs.500 per month for up to 2 Children are given for educational development.
  4. Personal Help: An officer gets personal help, which will take care of his/her small house chores.
  5. An Official Vehicle: An official Vehicle is provided to every officer for office work.
  6. Guards to protect Family: Home Guards are provided, round the clock, for the personal protection of the officer and his/her family.
  7. Paid Leaves: They are entitled to paid leaves every year. A perk, you Seldom get in any private corporation.

How To Clear Punjab PCS Prelims in 6 Months

When the time available is 6 months to clear PCS, the distribution of time based on weightage for every GS Subject becomes important. To Crack the Punjab PCS Exam in just 6 months, an aspirant should first focus on basic understanding then one can move on to the best PCS Booklist to cover Standard books. In this short period, aspirants should devote at least ten to twelve hours daily. Here is a plan for 6 Months for Punjab Civil Services which can be followed by aspirants. However, you can alter the plan as per your needs & interest in the subjects.

You can start with the subject which requires less cramming of facts and more concept clarity. Keeping the subjects that require retention of facts like Modern History, and Indian Polity can be done later.

Starting with Geography, Environment & Science, and Tech in the first month can make the journey easier as these subjects are related to each other and require an understanding of concepts more than cramming of facts.

This can be followed by Indian Economy, CSAT, and Punjab Gk in the second month.

In the third month,

 You can cover Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History along with Indian Polity. Also, start giving Mock Tests for the subjects which you have already covered. Keep practicing CSAT till Prelims and also practice as many Previous Year MCQs of different Civil Services exams like UPSC and State Public Service Commissions.

In the fourth month,

You can cover the pending topics and dedicate maximum time to coverage of Current Affairs. Current Affairs of National and International Importance should be covered for at least 1 year to excel in the exam.

In the fifth month,

 You can cover your pending topics along with Current Affairs and revision. Mock Tests of subjects already covered should be done.

The sixth month

It should be dedicated to effectively utilizing your time for the purpose of preparing for and engaging in comprehensive revision, which includes the practice of mock tests to assess your readiness and progress.

This is just an example. It is advised that when you are preparing in such a short period, you should get under the guidance of someone with experience so that you move in the right direction in the limited period.

1st MonthGeography + Environment + Science and Tech
2nd MonthEconomy + CSAT + Punjab G.K.
3rd MonthAncient, Medieval, and Modern History + Indian Polity + Mock Tests for Subjects Already Covered
4th MonthCSAT Previous year papers for different State Public Service Commission
5th MonthPending Topics + Current Affairs + Revision + Mock Tests
6th MonthCSAT + Revision + Mock Tests

Aspirants also need to cover Current Affairs for at least one year to crack the Punjab PCS Exam in the first attempt.

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