From a humble tuition teacher to a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in the Punjab Police: The Inspiring Journey

From a humble tuition teacher to a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in the Punjab Police: The Inspiring Journey

Achieving 57th rank in the Punjab PCS exam at the young age of 24 is no small feat. Here is the inspirational journey as well as an impressive exam strategy of our topper, Karan Sharma, who managed to clear the prestigious Punjab Civil Service Examinations while juggling work. He is currently working as a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Punjab Police. Go through Punjab PCS Topper’s strategy and kickstart your preparation.

1. Focus on Essential Study Material

Karan stressed the importance of sticking to a basic, standard booklist as his primary study resource. He advised against overwhelming yourself with excessive study materials. For Punjab PCS aspirants, the key is to rely on trusted standard books for your preparation.

2. Regular Testing is Crucial

Karan’s strategy included taking tests immediately after finishing a subject. This approach helped him assess the depth of his knowledge and identify his weak areas quickly. Test series for PCS is a vital part of your preparation strategy and should not be avoided at any cost.

3. Daily Newspaper Reading for PCS

Just like many successful candidates, Karan Sharma believed in reading the newspaper consistently. He even recommended highlighting important topics. Additionally, he preferred digital notes over traditional ones. Staying updated with current affairs is crucial for Punjab PCS aspirants.

4. Prioritise the Quality of Study Hours over the Quantity

Karan Sharma emphasised a ‘Target Approach’ rather than an ‘Hours Approach.’ He set daily, weekly, and monthly targets for himself. The quality of study time mattered more to him than the quantity. Setting achievable targets can be a game-changer in your preparation as it can give a boost to your confidence and also provide momentum to your study plan.

5. Answer Writing for Punjab PCS

Karan was very regular in writing answers regularly and discussing the strategy to improve PCS Mains answer writing with the teachers at Launchpad IAS. So when he cleared Prelims, he was ready to appear in the main examinations due to regular coverage of Current Affairs and writing answers.

6. Managing Stress

Karan shared his stress-relief strategy, which involved pursuing hobbies during his free time, such as playing cricket matches. However, as the exam approached, he utilised even his free time for revisions. He advised Punjab PCS aspirants not to make the Punjab PCS exam their whole life but to take it just as any other exam which can be cleared if one works diligently, has faith in their hard work and maintains a balanced lifestyle

He encouraged PCS aspirants not to let the exam consume their entire lives but to work diligently, have faith in themselves, and believe in the value of their hard work.