Punjab Civil Services – Success Mantra from Toppers

Punjab Civil Services – Success Mantra from Toppers

Every Punjab PCS Aspirant wants to taste success in the Punjab PCS Exam in the first attempt and get their dream job. But there are only a few who can succeed in this exam. LaunchPad brings to you the Succes Mantra from our Toppers, 2021. During their preparation, these Punjab PCS Toppers also made mistakes but eventually learned from them and made the best Punjab PCS Strategy which helped them to crack the exam.

Here is Success Mantra for Punjab PCS shared by our Toppers:

Step 1: Having the best Booklist for Punjab PCS Exam:

The most important success mantra is having a trusted booklist for Punjab PCS and going through its syllabus is the first step in Punjab PCS Preparation.

Step 2: Build Foundation with NCERT Books:

When it comes to Punjab PCS Exam preparation, having a good base and grip over concepts – gives you an edge over other Punjab PCS aspirants. So, start by reading the most important NCERTs for Punjab PCS which will serve as your base.

Step 3: Read Standard Books:

When the right foundation is established by the most important Punjab PCS NCERTs then you can start with standard books for PCS and prepare your notes from it for better revision. It is very important to carefully select books. This could be a make-or-break decision in your preparation for Punjab PCS Examination.

Step 4: Making Notes for Punjab PCS Exam:

As it is a competitive exam (time is at a premium), to compete with others, you have to have more time for revisions & testing your knowledge for Punjab PCS. These notes will play an important role before exams and try to make them precise and to the point. Bulky Notes will take you nowhere and will be a waste of your efforts and time.

Step 5: Maximum Revision:

Every Punjab PCS Topper has stressed that one should keep minimum resources and do maximum revisions of the standard booklist of the Punjab PCS Exam. Revisions on one hand saves time and on the other, it saves your efforts by sparing you from reading the entire book again. But you need to start early to cover the vast Punjab PCS syllabus and have sufficient time to revise for the Punjab PCS Examination.

Step 5: Test your knowledge:

The most critical part is testing and identifying your strengths part, and working side by side on your weaknesses. Solve as many mock tests as possible for the Punjab PCS Exam and you should revise those tests and analyze which part of a subject was wrong and why it went wrong – was there a lack of knowledge or was there not enough understanding of a concept?

Step 6: Well-being and Mental Health:

To succeed in the Punjab PCS Exam, it’s important to stay relaxed while getting ready for the Punjab PCS exam and also when you’re taking the exam. Having stress during Punjab PCS Exam preparation is common – to avoid such stress, whenever you feel stressed, share it with your parents or your Punjab PCS mentor. Take a day off from preparation and spend that day doing what you enjoy the most, be it gardening watching a movie or just going out for a long walk.

Step 7: Peer Group is important:

Peer Group is important to discuss and debate to develop critical thinking for the Punjab PCS Examination, that is why students join coaching/library so that they can study in a group which is preparing for the same Punjab PCS exam and understands the requirements of this Punjab PCS exam