UPSC Notification 2024

UPSC Notification 2024

UPSC Notification 2024 was released on 14 February 2024. It is an important document that consists of all the important dates, the number of vacancies, the syllabus, and a list of criteria one needs to follow to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. UPSC 2024 Exam Date The UPSC Calendar 2024 was released on 10 May 2023. Here […]

GI Tags of Punjab

GI Tags of Punjab

What is a GI Tag? Benefits of GI Tag GI TAGS OF PUNJAB PHULKARI BASMATI RICE How is a Geographical Indication Different from a Trademark? Related Links: Drishti 10 Skyliner UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Schemes

About Background Features of scheme: Significance of PLI schemes: Challenges faced during the implementation of the PLI Scheme. Concerns against the PLI Scheme: While the PLI scheme has been lauded for its potential to boost India’s domestic manufacturing sector, there are several concerns that critics have raised:   Production Linked Incentive Scheme 2.0: Incentives payout: Related […]

One Nation One Election

What is the ‘One Nation One Election’ System? Advantages Challenges to ‘One Nation One Election’ Logistical Challenges Way ahead Related Links: One Nation One Ration Card Scheme APAAR ID Atmanirbhar Bharat Five-Year Plans of India

India – US Technology Partnership

What is Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET)? Focus Areas of iCET: Primarily, the iCET seeks to position New Delhi and Washington D.C. as “trusted technology partners” to build supply chains and support the co-production and co-development of items. Key areas include – Progress on iCET: Related Links: India – Nepal Relations China – Taiwan Conflict […]

India – Nepal Relations

How have the Historical Ties been? What is the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1950? Current Status of Ties Power Sector Cooperation: Long-Term Power Trade Agreement: India and Nepal signed a long-term Power Trade Agreement, targeting the import of 10,000 MW of electricity from Nepal in the coming years. Hydropower Projects:  Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) were […]

China – Taiwan Conflict

About Taiwan Origin of the conflict Consequences The Escalation Recent developments in Taiwan Indian Policy towards Taiwan Related Links: Conflict between North and South Korea

Direct and Indirect Taxes

The taxation system in India is such that the taxes are levied by the Central Government and the State Governments. Some minor taxes are also levied by the local authorities such as the Municipality and the Local Governments. Classification of Taxes: Broadly taxes are divided into two categories: 1. Direct Taxes 2. Indirect Taxes Direct […]

Chip 4 or Fab 4 Alliance

“Chip 4” alliance: Goals: What is a Semiconductor? What are the Challenges for India? Where does India Stand in the Semiconductor Market? Related Links: Drishti 10 Skyliner

Credit Rating Agencies in India

What is Credit Rating? What are Credit Rating Agencies? CRISIL Credit Analysis and Research Limited Ratings (CARE) Ratings Small and Medium Enterprises Rating Agency (SMERA) ONICRA Credit Rating Agency Fitch (India Ratings & Research) ICRA Related Links: Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976