Tips to Improve Answer Writing for UPSC Mains

Tips to Improve Answer Writing for UPSC Mains

Many students focus extensively on UPSC Prelims preparation, often neglecting the Answer Writing Skills for UPSC Mains. In this blog, we will share some tips to improve your answer writing for UPSC Mains.

Understand the exam pattern:

Familiarise yourself with the exam pattern including the type of Previous Year Questions asked, word limits and time constraints.

Try to Understand the demand of the question:

Every question has a different demand. To improve UPSC Mains success rate, you must understand the question’s requirements. For instance, when the question ends with “Discussed,” the demand is different. When the question concludes with “Critically examine,” the demand changes.

To resolve this issue we have brought to you the meaning of every single keyword:

Understand the meaning of the keyword mentioned in the question before starting the answer:

One should start forming the structure for the answer in one’s mind. With practice, it will become easier. If required, jot down the points as they come to your mind.

Clarity in Answer writing:

Your UPSC Mains answer should be clear, logical, coherent , to the point and must have a clear intro, body and conclusion. Before writing an answer, one should decide whether they should write in bullet points or paragraphs.

Time Management:

Practice answer writing within a specific time limit and develop the ability to organise your thoughts and to write under pressure.

Draw Mind Maps, Flow Charts and Diagrams:

Use mind maps, flow charts and diagrams to organise your thoughts. For topics related to geography, history and other subjects, visual representation can enhance understanding.

Learn from toppers/Experts:

Read essays and answers written by previous year’s toppers. Analyse their writing style, and content to understand what makes their answer standout.

Adhering to these tips diligently greatly enhances your UPSC Mains answer writing skills. It will impact your UPSC CSE Final Result.

All the best for your preparation!

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