Tips for Preparing HPPSC Prelims Exam

Tips for preparing HPPSC Prelims exam

Tips for Preparing HPPSC Prelims Exam

Go through the syllabus:

The first and foremost step for HPSC exam preparation is knowing the HPSC syllabus. Go through the syllabus thoroughly. See which subjects are there in the syllabus and prepare a book list for each subject. Once you have prepared that list, try to stick to your resources and DO NOT switch your resources repeatedly.

Look for the weightage of each subject:

Every subject carries a particular weightage and few subjects in HPSC prelims are considered core subjects like polity, Geography, history, economics, and current affairs. These subjects carry maximum weightage and the chances of questions being asked from the subjects are higher. Focusing more on core subjects will increase your chances of clearing HPSC.

Practice previous year’s question papers:

Previous year questions of HPSC could serve as a torchlight for you, try to see which topics are asked repeatedly by HPPSC. These topics automatically become important and also you will be able to analyse what is the pattern of current affairs

Current affairs:

Current Affairs are vital for the HPSC exam.  To cover current affairs read the Hindu and Indian Express newspapers daily and also follow a monthly current affairs magazine for revision purposes. In case you are new to the preparation and find it difficult to cover the newspaper daily. Then you can join our free newspaper classes on YouTube every morning at 8:00 a.m.

Effective time management:

Time management is very crucial because of the vast syllabus of HPSC. Every aspirant should organize his/ her Day in advance and try to study for at least 5 to 6 hours per day. Also, Reserve a day in a week exclusively for revision.

Mock test:

Aspirants should join a good test series as one can test his or her knowledge with the help of these tests and also get a clear picture of which topics or subjects are weak and give enough emphasis on them. Also tests help create an environment for tackling the real HPSC exam

Maintaining notes :

It is important to maintain your notes while preparing for the HPSC exam your notes could be in old pen and paper format or could be in digital files. Generally, digital file notes are easy to edit and one can also add current information to them. Notes can also help you to revise quickly.

Regular revision:

Revision is the key to cracking any exam. Aspirants should reserve at least one day a week exclusively for revision. Also after studying a topic, its second revision should be done within a week, and the third revision within one month, and then regular vision should be done at the interval of every 2 months.

Focus on Himachal-specific issues:

Himachal Pradesh HPCS PRELIM as well as the Mains exam require complete knowledge about Himachal state and the Candidate should be aware of all the burning issues in Himachal as well as prominent schemes launched by the Himachal Pradesh state government.

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