UPSC 2024 Strategy

UPSC 2024 Strategy

Only 5 months are left for the UPSC Prelims Exam. It becomes important for you, to go through what you have read the whole year. We have prepared a plan through which you will be able to maximize your productivity in these 5 months.

Selection of subjects:

As only 5 months are left, you should focus on completing your UPSC syllabus and while doing so, you should cover those subjects first which have more weightage like Polity, Environment, and Modern History. Along with these subjects, you can choose a subject of your liking which is less lengthy and has less weightage. In this way, you will be able to cover 2 subjects simultaneously.

Analyzing PYQ’S:

In case you have not analyzed PYQ till now. Now is the right time to analyze them and see which topics are asked repeatedly and which subject carries more weightage.

Current Affairs:

In case you have done “Current Affairs” for the past 1 year through Monthly Magazines, then you need not worry about this part, all you need to do is just revise them. But if you have not covered it till now, then you should cover it through the PT 365-like platform – which is specifically Prelim oriented Current Affairs.

Revision & Test:

Last month, you should not pick up anything new, only revise what you have already read in the past and keep testing yourself through a good test series and do analyze your mistakes in these test series, so that you can see which topics/subjects require your attention more.


By observing past UPSC trends, we have concluded that CSAT has become very dicey now. Aspirants should not take the CSAT Exam lightly and in case you are not good at CSAT, then now is the time. You can start by doing CSAT questions every two days in a week and then keep increasing the time.

Discipline & Motivation:

Every aspirant feels distressed and demotivated during the long UPSC journey but always remember, all are facing stress, all you need to do is stay persistent. Motivation can only get you through in the short term but it is the discipline that will help you crack this Exam.

All the Best!!

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