PM Gati Shakti

PM Gati Shakti

PM Gati Shakti

About the Scheme

  • Aim: PM Gati Shakti scheme aims to ensure integrated planning and implementation of infrastructure projects in the next four years, with a focus on expediting works on the ground, saving costs, and creating jobs.
  • The PM Gati Shakti scheme will subsume the Rs 110 lakh crore National Infrastructure Pipeline that was launched in 2019.
  • Besides cutting logistics costs, the scheme is also aimed at increasing cargo handling capacity and reducing the turnaround time at ports to boost trade.
  • It also aims to have 11 industrial corridors and two new defense corridors – one in Tamil Nadu and the other in Uttar Pradesh. Extending 4G connectivity to all villages is another aim. Adding 17,000 km to the gas pipeline network is being planned.
  • It will help in fulfilling the ambitious targets set by the government for 2024-25, including expanding the length of the national highway network to 2 lakh km and creating more than 200 new airports, heliports, and water aerodromes.

Integrated Approach:

It intends to bring together 16 infrastructure related Ministries.

  • This will help in removing long-standing issues such as disjointed planning, lack of standardization, problems with clearances, and timely creation and utilization of infrastructure capacities.
  • Gati Shakti Digital Platform: It involves the creation of a common umbrella platform through which infrastructure projects can be planned and implemented in an efficacious manner by way of coordination between various ministries/departments on a real-time basis.

 Targets to be achieved under Gati Shakti

  • 11 industrial corridors and two new defense corridors in Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh
  • 4G connectivity in all villages
  • Increasing renewable energy capacity to 225 GW from 87.7 GW
  • Expanding the national highway network to 2 lakh km
  • Increasing length of transmission network to 4,54,200 circuit km
  • Creation of 220 new airports, heliports, and water aerodromes
  • Increasing cargo handling capacity of railways to 1,600 million tons from 1210 million tons
  • Adding 17,000 km to the gas pipeline network
  • 202 fishing clusters/harbors/landing centers and more
PM Gati Shakti


Institutional infrastructure:

The Centre’s support in creating an institutional framework in a time-bound manner and implementation of projects under the PM Gati Shakti national master plan for multimodal connectivity will give a boost to the overall infrastructure of the country.

Ease of Living: 

  • Endeavor to build Next Generation Infrastructure which improves Ease of Living as well as Ease of Doing Business. 
  • The multi-modal connectivity will provide integrated and seamless connectivity for the movement of people, goods, and services from one mode of transport to another. 
  • It will facilitate the last-mile connectivity of infrastructure and also reduce travel time for people.

Information help with investing: 

  • PM Gati Shakti will provide the public and business community with information regarding upcoming connectivity projects, other business hubs, industrial areas, and the surrounding environment. 
  • This will enable the investors to plan their businesses at suitable locations leading to enhanced synergies. 

Utilisation of resources : 

  • It will create multiple employment opportunities and give a boost to the economy. 
  • PM Gati Shakti will also lead to optimum utilization of the country’s resources as everyone will be able to make their plan with complete information. ‘Infrastructure-based development’ will lead to an extraordinary increase in the strength of India’s economy, creating many new possibilities for employment.

Improved competitiveness:

It will improve the global competitiveness of local products by cutting down the logistics costs and improving the supply chains, and also ensure proper linkages for local industry & consumers.

Reduce turnaround time:

Besides cutting logistics costs, the scheme is also aimed at increasing cargo handling capacity and reducing the turnaround time at ports to boost trade.


Infrastructure was key to the development of tourism, including spiritual and medical tourism 

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